Welcome to Nederland

This publication has been done in English because all Dutch friends of Aura and Gisela could understand it!

There is so much to explain. Especially due to people I’ve met during these days!!

Yes! All are exclamations to write!


From Sunday till Tuesday I was in Tilburg, at Aura’s home. On Monday, all girls of the residence and I went to do yoga, it was free for students. And also for me, without studying there! When we had entered, Daniella asked me if I have never done it. Never! She said that if it was my first time, I would come out new and would feel totally relaxed. It was a really nice experience!


The day after I went to Breda. I had so much trouble just starting the trip! I forgot to check my ticket out at the end of the journey. When I was doing my trip back, the reviewer warned me that I made this mistake.


At the afternoon, I picked Aura’s bicycle after someone fixed it. The bicycle mechanic was so churl… At the end, when I got the bicycle, I went to De Loonse en Dunense Duinen forest. It was such a DELIGHTFUL spot! At the night, I had dinner with load of people of Aura’s place. We ended the meal having a beer contest… We went to party in a Tillburg bar. There was a huge parking for bicycles, pretty curious.

… I have a secret related to that night… But I will post it in a near future 😉 …


The day after I spent seven hours in a train going to Köln. However, before I had a conversation with Ariel about my trip around the world. During those days, he named me Pablo instead of Andreu! I hope we will meet again in São Paulo!!

Here I show you a few pictures of those days:


Aquesta presentació amb diapositives necessita JavaScript.

I have just remembered that I forgot to explain a very funny thing, a cartoon situation! I was riding Aura’s bicycle and I had a very old man driving a three-wheel electrical vehicle and, suddenly, surprisingly, he turned 90º to the right and he put the vehice only with two wheels! After that, he keep enjoying his ride like anything has happened…


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Nederland

  1. Hij Andreu! Het is geweldig om te zien dat je geniet van mijn Nederland zo veel! Saps que per mi els PB són un lloc molt especial i que em parlen del millor any i de les millors experiències de la meva vida! Són creixement personal i una vida molt autèntica. I m’encanta veure que visitant a gent gaudeixes una miqueta de la vida erasmus que hi vaig viure. Si tens temps no deixis de passar per Leeuwarden (a Friesland) i de deixar-te caure per Kanaalstraat, que en el fons és el lloc que encara considero casa meva!!!
    Una abraçada gegant company!
    (I sí, sé el que sol passar a les nits boges de NL, no cal que ens n’intentis donar grans explicacions ;))

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